Fingerfood & Snacks

Olijven € 4,50 Mixed marinated olives with feta Bitterballen (6) € 5,00 Dutch mini croquettes filled with meat Kaasstengels (8) € 5,00 Fried cheese sticks Kaassouffleetjes (6) € 5,00 Fried fluffy snacks with melted cheese Hotwings (6) € 6,50 Chicken hotwings with spicy sauce Vlammetjes (8) € 6,50 Fried snacks filled with spicy pork meat Bittergarnituur (12) € 9,00 Mixed selection of fried little snacks Hollands kaasplankje € 13,00 Dutch cheese selection with bread and mustard Starters | Salads | Soup Broodmandje € 4,00 Breadbasket with butter and garlic butter Kroketten € 6,00 2 veal croquettes Garnalenkroketten € 8,50 Shrimp croquettes Carpaccio € 9,00 Thin sliced beef with rucola, parmazan cheese, sunflower seeds and truffle mayo Hollandse garnaaltjes in avocado € 9,50 Dutch shrimps with avocado, cucumber, onions and wasabi mayo Hollandse Erwtensoep € 5,50 Traditional Dutch pea soup with sausage pieces, bacon served with rye bread Tomatensoep vegetarisch of met ballen € 5,50 Tomato soup served with bread vegetarian / with meatballs Frisse groene salade € 5,80 Mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, rucola, carrot, eggs and dressing Caesar salade € 9,20 With crispy chicken, parmazan, cucumber, onions, eggs, croutons and dressing Geitenkaas salade € 9,00 Mixed salad with goat cheese, honey, balsamico dressing and sunflower seeds Lunch (till 17:00) Tosti ham en/of kaas € 4,00 Toast with ham and/or cheese Uitsmijter € 7,50 3 fried eggs with ham and cheese on white or brown bread Boerenomelet € 7,50 Farmer’s omelet with mixed vegetables Broodje bal € 6,00 Sandwich with a home made meat ball Broodje warme beenham € 6,50 Sandwich with warm ham, tomato, cucumber, mayo and honey mustard Broodje Amsterdam € 6,50 Sandwich with ham, cheese, eggs, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and homemade mayo Broodje krokante kip € 7,00 Crispy chicken with hot sauce, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and cucumber Broodje gerookte zalm € 7,50 Sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, eggs and onions Broodje kroketten € 7,00 Sandwich with 2 veal croquette and mustard Pannenkoek naturel - met stroop/ poedersuiker € 6,50 Plain pancake with syrup and powdered sugar Per topping: Ham / Kaas / Spek / Nutella € 1,00 Each topping: Ham | Cheese | Bacon | Nutella

Main Course

Lekkerbekjes € 14,00 Fried battered codfish with fries, salad and rémoulade sauce Sliptonggetjes € 15,00 2 baby sole fish panfried in butter with fries, salad and rémoulade sauce Burger MolenwieK € 14,50 100% angus beef with bacon, cheese, cucumber, tomato, pickles, onions lettuce and fries Kipsaté € 14,00 Homemade chicken skewers with peanut butter sauce, fries and salad Boerenschnitzel € 14,50 Pan-fried pork escalope with fries, salad and pepper sauce Moeders gehaktballen € 14,50 Home made meat balls with mashed potatoes, vegetables, bacon pieces and meat sauce Hollandse stamppot € 13,80 The original stamppot, mashed potatoes with spinach, sausage, meatball, gravy and eggs Kabeljauw stamppot € 14,50 Mashed potatoes with spinach, fried cod, butter sauce and eggs on the side Hutspot € 13,80 Mashed potatoes with onions, carrots, sausage, meatball, gravy and eggs Hutspot met stoofvlees € 16,50 Mashed potatoes with onions, carrots and meatstew Stoofpotje € 16,50 Meatstew with mashed potatoes “Meat changes with the seasons” Biefstukje champignon saus € 16,50 Steak 200 gram with mushroom sauce, baked potato and salad ½ gebraden kippetje € 16,00 Half grilled chicken with fries, garlic sauce and salad Casselerrib € 16,00 Large pork rib with baked potato and salad


Appelgebak met ijs en slagroom € 6,00 Dutch apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream Poffertjes € 4,50 Dutch fluffy mini pancakes with butter and powdered sugar Chocolade brownie € 7,00 Chocolate brownie with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce Cheese cake € 5,50 Cheese cake with whipped cream and strawberry sauce Stroopwafelijs € 6,00 Syrupwafflesicecream, caramel sauce and whipped cream Flensje met ijs € 6,00 Small pancake with ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
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